Day Trip From London: Stonehenge, Bath

“Our happiest moments as tourists always seem to come when we stumble upon one thing while in pursuit of another.” -Lawrence Block

Groupon did a special with Day Tours London for a day trip to Stonehenge and Bath. It was a sunny day (you have to appreciate them when they come around) and we had the best tour guide ever! She was awesome, and apparently that’s rarer than you’d think (I’ve had some horrible ones).

When arriving at Stonehenge, you can see the circle of rocks from the road. I had never realized just how close the road was built to the landmark, which I found odd. Wouldn’t they build it just a tad bit farther away so there isn’t as much noise and distraction for the visitors?

When we finally got up to the actual stones I was a little disappointed. The rope barrier doesn’t let visitors get anywhere close to the stones. You could see them just as well from the road. But what you don’t notice from the road is how huge these suckers are. Seriously, it’s mind blowing to think about how people at the time moved and propped up these ginormous rocks. How weird right? And why?


After a while of taking tacky touristy pictures I started to wonder. Why is it on just about every single persons bucket list to come see these things? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always wanted to see Stonehenge, but it’s literally just big rocks. People travel hours on end to see these rocks for 30 minutes, because let’s face it… how long can you look at them?


Anyway, after Stonehenge we headed to Bath. Yes, I drank the “magical” bath water that’s supposed to be healing or whatever. Seeing everyone’s reactions to the gross mineral-tasting water was oh so worth it. I stalked Nicholas Cage’s old house. Tried samples of locally made cider. Watched street performers. Walked along the gorgeous river and under the bridge that leads into the town. Regardless of the whole Roman Bath’s thing, the town itself is adorable.

Drinking the “bath water”
Drinking cider made in Bath.


So I spent my day meeting some stones and drinking mineral water. But hey, it was fun. While staying in London you should definitely take the chance to do everything around England that you can. Until next time!

Always, K.


2 thoughts on “Day Trip From London: Stonehenge, Bath

  1. Thanks for the tips re Barcelona. We haven’t been, but are planning a trip to Portugal with a stop in Barcelona in spring 2016. I’ll be picking your brain before then.
    Am so glad you had a chance to experience it!


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