Day Trip From London: Cardiff, Wales

“She’s a dreamer, a soul searcher and a wanderer. She drifts along, deep in thought, her mind craving exploration and her eyes telling tales of mysterious adventures.” -Unknown

It’s an easy hop on a bus to get to Wales from London within a few hours. You can grab a cheap Megabus round trip ticket to pretty much anywhere. I decided to go to the capital purely to knock another country off of my list, since I know nothing about Wales or what there is to do there.

Cardiff seemed like an okay place. I did some research and found that they have a pretty cool park and castle, and that the Christmas Market would be up and running. So I bought a cheap ticket and prepared for the four-hour bus ride.

Well to start off the lovely Sunday, we missed our bus. It was one of those movie-scene types of situations where you see the bus driving away but not a single employee will help you. So we were clearly off to a good start.

Then, after catching the next bus and arriving about 2 hours later than we had planned, we were greeted with hurricane-type weather in Cardiff. The winds were absolutely insane to the point that it was hard to walk. Plus, we were instantly dripping wet from the rain hitting us from every direction.


The park? Closed. The Christmas market? Really strange. The carnival? Flooded. The restaurant? Smelly. The pub? Empty.

You may be thinking: gee Kasey thanks for sharing you’re amazing experience…not. But my moral is that regardless of the level of fun you have, everything is an experience. We looked so ridiculous by the end of the day with our crazy hair and drenched clothes that we just stood there and laughed hysterically. What else can you do, right? Another day, another adventure.

Always, K.

One thought on “Day Trip From London: Cardiff, Wales

  1. No matter how well you plan, life has a way of throwing you curve balls! Not every adventure will be a good one, but it will still be an adventure. And remember, most of life’s important lessons are learned through adversity.

    I hope you’ll give Wales another try at some point.


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