Laughing It Off

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.” -David Mitchell

I know that my last post was about my disaster in Wales, but now let me tell you about my disaster in Scotland (or my attempt to get to Scotland). My friend and I had a day planned in Glasgow and then a day touring the Scottish Highlands.

Shocker: We never made it. By the way, I was traveling with the same girl who I failed in Wales with. So I’m going to blame everything on her. Why not, right?


We left London on a train, which is supposed to take about 4 ½ hours to arrive in Glasgow. We made it about halfway, then were stopped and basically told to get off because the train could not continue.

APPARENTLY, the wind and rain was really bad in Northern England and Scotland. I honestly didn’t think it seemed bad at all. A little rain never hurt anyone right? Soooo anyway, we were told by the lovely train staff to line up outside (in the freezing rain) for a bus to take us to the next train station, where we would be able to continue on our journey.

After waiting in the tundra for almost 2 hours, we hopped on a bus, soaking wet by the way, which ended up taking 2 ½ more hours to get to the next station. And what do you know? When we arrived they were announcing that there were absolutely no trains or buses going to Glasgow because of the weather. Or back to London. Was I even surprised at that point? Absolutely not.

We were stuck an hour away from Glasgow with nowhere to go. We were also informed that we couldn’t even attempt to leave until noon the next day (it was 5pm).

Obviously we headed to a bar. We somehow found a hostel that we could sleep in (thank god for the bartender who knew a guy) and spent the remaining hours drinking and eating in some random English town.

We never made it to Glasgow. I guess the rain was much worse than I thought because I later heard on the radio that it was the worse they’ve had in the past 6 years. The roads were completely flooded and the train tracks submerged. Highways were closed down and some 40,000 people had lost power. Plus, land slides. Welp… I may have underestimated the storm.

Weather is unpredictable. Life is unpredictable. But it’s ultimately better when you’re laughing, so laugh as much as you possibly can… even when things aren’t going your way. That’s all we could do. Literally, that’s all. I’m sure the whole experience will be even funnier in the future, but at this point, as I’m writing this post, its all a little bit painful. Especially because everything was prepaid for: the train, hostels, the tour, and the flight home. All I can say is “Oh well.”

Always, K.

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