Day Trip From London: Leeds Castle, Canterbury, Dover, & Greenwich

“Once the travel bug bites, there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life.” -Michael Palin

As you can likely tell from my previous posts, day trips are my thing. I think I’ve done just about every single one from London that they offer. So on my second voyage to my favorite city, I had to throw one in there: I got to see “the loveliest castle in the world” and the cutest little town.


We hopped on the bus with Premium Tours, which felt all too familiar. Waking up at the crack of dawn to somehow find your way to the Victoria Coach Station (before The Tube is even running), and then realizing that you’ll be out for literally 12 hours. It’s a lot, but it’s the best way to see areas outside of the city.

Our first stop was Leeds Castle. My only complaint about this portion of the day, was the private tour of the castle itself. Yes, it was nice that they offered you a viewing before the general public shows up, but this left no time for us to wander around and see the remaining 500 acres. It lasted entirely too long. They should have given us the option to attend the tour or not, and I gladly would have skipped it. I would have liked to wander around the gardens, grab a coffee at one of the shops, or see the maze.

Next destination? Dover Cliffs…or so they say.

My understanding was that we’d be able to go ONTO the cliffs. Wrong. You are allowed to spend 10-minutes on a beach pretty far from the cliffs. My advice? Take a trip there yourself, hike up the cliffs, see the awesome white chalk that they’re composed of and head on home. Although the lack of exhilaration is evident with this pit stop, the next town on our to-do list was amazing.


 Canterbury is the perfect little place; it reminded me a lot of Stratford-upon-Avon, which is one of my favorite English towns. The streets are lined with mom and pop shops, and then if you walk past the shopping area, there are flower fields and canals everywhere. We spent an hour laying in the grass, watching punters head down the canal, and picking flowers. That’s normal, right? You also get entry to Canterbury Cathedral for free, with a purchase of this tour.



Then, after busing all over the English Countryside, you head back to London for a very short tour of Greenwich, which is a borough in Eastern London. This is where the Prime Meridian is: 0 degrees longitude. Although they don’t show you the line on the tour, I suggest you take a personal detour and find it! So cool. Stand at 0,0!

Well, as always, another adventure down, and many more to go.

Always, K.


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