30 Things You Should Start and Stop Doing Today

“An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards. When life is drawing you back with difficulties, it means it’s going to launch you into something great. So just focus and keep aiming. -Unknown

It’s simple: we’re busy; we never stop. I find myself frequently getting wrapped up in work and other things that won’t be important in the long run. Sometimes we all need unbiased guidance to bring us back to the ground.

I asked my friends and family to send me advice. Not advice specifically written for me, but words that they thought were important regardless of who you are or where you come from. Plus I stashed some of my own epiphanies in there.

Thank you to everyone that contributed and I hope it helps!

  1. Stop running late.
    It makes you seem like you don’t care.
  2. Be selfish.
    Take care of yourself before trying to meet anyone else’s needs.
  3. School isn’t for everyone.
    You do NOT have to go. Find your own path and screw anyone that tells you otherwise.
  4. Forget changing tires: join AAA.
  5. When the little voice tells you that you are in danger, run immediately to a safe place.
  6. Adopt before buying from a breeder.
  7. Stop waiting on your friends.
    Go to that gym class you want, take a trip that you’ve always wanted to go on, and order from that new restaurant you’ve been dying to go to (even if it’s to-go). If you wait for people to join you, you’ll never get there. Go.
  8. Don’t order a salad on the first date.
  9. You always hear “people don’t change.” But they do; and usually for the better.
  10. Don’t forget to look around and love where you currently are.
    People travel to where you live; don’t forget to see what they see.
  11. Don’t post about it on social media.
  12. Clean up as you go along.
    A disheveled home can get in the way of feeling positive.
  13. You need to occasionally fall on your face.
  14. You are not “too good” for a Lite Beer.
  15. Money doesn’t go with you when you leave.
    Spend it on experiences that you’ll always remember. Plus, people will remember those times with you.
  16. Take the stairs.
  17. When speaking to a new acquaintance remember one thing they talk about, then ask them about it next time you see them.
  18. Try to occasionally replace Netflix with books.
    Trust me, you’ll fall in love with reading again.
  19. See as much live music as you can.
  20. Travel to at least one new place per year.
    You don’t need to fly to Europe, just go see something new (even if it’s the next state over).
  21. Dancing and sex burn calories and are more fun than squats.
  22. Don’t cry over the same thing twice.
  23. Buy whatever the hell you want.
    If those new shoes are going to make you happy, get them. Figure the rest out later.
  24. When it comes to eating healthy just try to make more good choices than bad.
  25. Stop tanning and getting fake nails.
    It will ruin your body in the long run. 
  26. Messy hair is adorable. Own it!
  27. Try to have friends in the generation ahead of you, and the generation behind you.
    These relationships will give you excellent perspective. 
  28. Don’t drunk text anyone. Ever.
  29. Everyone has baggage, just find people to help you unpack it.
  30. Your past doesn’t define you; you are not a victim.
    If you don’t like where you are in life right this second, move on. You have the power to change and nothing from the past can stop you, whether that’s your family, your choices, etc. 


Always, K.

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