I Blow All My Money & Don’t Regret It

“To travel is worth any cost or sacrifice.” -Elizabeth Gilbert

I was a serial-saver for 8 years. From my first paycheck at 14 until the age of 21, I saved and saved. Tucking as much money into a reserve account that I possibly could. Only after I found myself tumbling across Europe, I decided that my experiences are far more important than a bank account with a lot of zeros.

Inch Beach, Ireland

This is why I have decided to throw all of my money into travel. And not regret one cent.

You know those chills you might get when you hear an amazing singer? Or those goosebumps that show up on your arm when hearing an adorable love-story? Well, I get those when I’m days away from landing feet-first on unknown territory. There’s literally nothing that I’d rather spend my time or money doing than getting this feeling. If this feeling comes to you at concerts, charity events,  NFL games, whatever it may be, throw your resources into that. Put everything you can towards what makes you sincerely happy. Whatever puts a HUGE smile on your face. Don’t feel bad about spending the last $100 you have to your name. You’ll figure it out later… Or maybe you wont. But honestly, i’d rather be happy and broke than unhappy and secure.

(Disclaimer: I’m not telling you to spend $2,000 that you don’t have because you want to go to Italy. I’m saying that if you have some money saved up for a new laptop, and you don’t actually NEED that new laptop, spend that money city-hopping for 10 days, instead.)

Stonehenge, England

Don’t get me wrong: I work my ass off. As of lately, I work 7 days a week, every week. I have a full-time job, a part-time job, and I volunteer doing social media for a non-profit. I’m literally the busiest person that I currently know of. But I’m okay with working too much and having little free time, because in a few short months it will all be worth it. And then I can repeat my process. How many 21 y.o.’s do you know that can say they’ve been to 7 different countries, and already have it booked to be in another new one?

Here’s my magic formula:
Working a lot + Saving for a specific purpose + (Going into a little debt if necessary) = Memories that no amount of money could ever replace

So yes. I literally am in a bind. For the past 8 years I’ve had a back-up called “in case of emergency,” which I no longer have. I think that at my age, it’s okay. I can spend my 20’s being financially unstable, because once I hit 30 — I have to be a real adult. I think?

I’ve drained my account paying for my next trip to Europe. But I’ll never regret my chance to explore new and magical cities.


Always, K.

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